Infant toddler room

Infant/toddler classroom

Our infant/toddler program has been designed to meet the needs of young children. We work closely with parents and guardians to meet the social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs of the children.

The primary objective for our infants and toddles is to build close, secure relationships with one or more caregivers. This will provide a foundation of confidence and trust.

Our curriculum includes reading, singing, music, and sensory and outdoor experiences. The environment is designed to encourage children to explore, play, learn, and develop safely.

All materials and activities are age-appropriate, and which includes indoor and outdoor time.

We follow the individual pattern and needs of infant nap and meal times. Toddlers often eat and nap at the same time each day.

EDCDC uses a chart to record and list what your child ate, when he/she slept, and when diaper changes occurred as well as events and activities. The results will be sent to the parents daily.



Young children learn by doing, touching, experimenting, choosing, talking, and negotiating. The whole world is a potential curriculum for the preschool child and our curriculum acknowledges and supports the interests that emerge from the daily lives of the children. The curriculum will provide the children with the ideas that form the foundation for the units of study that are prepared, organized, coordinated, and facilitated by the teachers.

Our curriculum learning is based on the interests of the children.  Ideally, a teacher can create interesting, challenging, learning experiences that respect the current development and curiosities of the children in their class. This is accomplished by utilizing the children’s expressed interests, the teacher’s observations, and knowledge of developmental stages. Interaction between teachers and children contribute to ideas of study throughout the year.


  • Sits well in chair
  • Climbs up steps
  • Rolls, throws, and kicks ball
  • Stacks blocks
  • Uses a crayon or paintbrush
  • Attempts to put on shoes, socks, jacket
  • Washes and dries hands
  • Uses a spoon
  • Drinks from a cup


  • Imitates others
  • Influences or persuades others
  • Helps at clean-up time
  • Tries to please others
  • Exhibits an intense interest in adult language
  • Enjoys "exploring" with others


  • Begins to show empathy for others
  • Feels safe and secure away from parents
  • Shows affection or dislikes
  • Shows pride in new accomplishments
  • Asserts self appropriately
  • Exhibits contrasting moods


Toddlers playing with shaving cream
Baby with cup


Infant toddler room
Toddlers playing with shaving cream
Baby with cup