Toddlers with bubbles

We provide a safe place to learn, grow and be creative for children starting at 6 months through Kindergarten.

Continuity of Care

Continuity of care promotes secure teacher-child attachment by allowing the teacher to develop meaningful relationships with children over time, as they become familiar with each child's individual needs, skills, interests, and ways of learning. In addition to this important relationship, children develop the beginning skills of friendship and empathy by spending longer periods of time with the same group of peers. Family-teacher relationships are strengthened as well, as parents and teachers also have more time to get to know and trust one another. Within this relationship, parents are more likely to share concerns about their child, listen to the teacher's suggestions, and learn from observing teacher-child interactions.

Finally, this approach allows teachers to develop and put into practice a broader understanding of child development as they observe it first-hand over a longer period of time than in most child care settings. Anecdotal evidence suggests that teachers experience greater emotional satisfaction from the longer relationships with children and families, which may in turn lead to increased job retention, a critical goal in the field of early care and education

Enrichment Programs
Toddlers with bubbles